7 Tips for Real Estate Facebook Marketing

7 Tips for Real Estate Facebook Marketing

Real Estate Facebook Marketing: As a real estate agent, you know what advertising on a tight budget means. You are on the internet and generate referrals and Facebook marketing to further expand this budget. You are trying to generate more leads from real estate. But did you add Facebook real estate ads to your mix?

Real Estate Facebook marketing advertising is a quick and cost-effective way to reach more customers. But to get results, you need to know how to get the most out of your social media advertising budget.                                                                           

Why Facebook is the Best Platform for Real Estate


If you found out land ads on Facebook, these ads are displayed on Facebook, Instagram, and Facebook partner websites. Facebook and Instagram are leading the manner in terms of daily active users. 70% of individuals log in to Facebook on a daily basis. Instagram quickly overtook different social media readers like Twitter and Pinterest. It established itself because of the second-largest social networking website for daily sharing

7 Tips for Real Estate Facebook Marketing

1. Target the Right Audience

This is a first tip for real estate Facebook marketing.

We will not refuse customers who are serious about buying and selling. However, when advertising or marketing, it’s essential to target one type of person at a time. This is the only way to communicate at a deep level to click on your ad.

What kind of people are you targeting according to various factors?

• People who have worked hard in the past

• Do you know which homes sell faster in which areas?

• What type of home/region do you want to work with the people you buy and sell?

• Where your basic knowledge and skills are stronger

What are the characteristics of these people (education level, interests, having children, etc.)?

Are you renting now? Or do you have a house and need to zoom in or out?

How is the market changing? For example, according to the NAR, 66% of first-time homebuyers are millennial.

Facebook’s best goals are narrow goals. You don’t want millions of random people to see your ad. You want 500-1000 of the most perfect customers to see it. They click on it. They will be customers.

People move for work, retirement, or other reasons. However, it is common for people to buy a home in a particular city or public area.

Be careful when aiming. Exclude people who are probably not customers. This is unless your city has undergone a significant transition from a particular location.

2. Use a Captivating Graphic

We have already proved that real estate Facebook marketing is very noticeable. The best-performing ads convey your message through images. Please remember. It takes about 2 seconds to get someone’s attention, but it may be shorter. Then scroll.

The attractive images allow the target audience to stop and take a closer look.

Photos can take many shapes. Be aware of what makes your goals happy.

Don’t imitate what most real estate marketers do in advertising. You may have seen one of these: a grinning real estate agent with a home and text that encourages bold action as a background. Do you want to be another real estate agent in your client’s feed? Probably not.

So it’s time to be creative with your ads. You can use real estate Facebook marketing carousel ads to animate existing homes for sale or showcase multiple properties for sale.

3. Make Copy Easy to Read

Writing a billboard isn’t as similar to writing a 20th-century novel. Long sentences, hard-to-pronounce words, and general abstract ideas aren’t smart copies. this can be very true for Facebook reality advertising. When making real estate facebook marketing ads for reality, your high priority is to convey your message clearly and quickly. Fourth graders ought to be able to browse it. They must be able to know it now. What area unit are you showing however does one facilitate them? What does one need them to try and do next? This summarizes it. You’ll want to run out of all the areas provided by some Facebook ads that permit additional text. However, it’s a rare repetition.

4. Create a Clear, Compelling Call to Action

There is nothing complicated about it. The best real estate ads on Facebook marketing have a clear purpose.

One needs to know exactly what one want to do almost instantly. It should be very easy. There shouldn’t be confusion like having multiple CTAs. Also, don’t make it too tall.

Marketing research firm Enounce found that 90% of people who read ad headlines also read the CTA.

5. Create a Proper Landing Page

This is the most important tip for real estate Facebook marketing.

What is a landing page? This is the page that users visit when they click on your ad. Often they are on your website. It is not your own page, service page, list page, or home page.

A landing page is a specific page created for the specific purpose of converting a potential customer who clicks on a real estate Facebook marketing ad into a customer. This is achieved by providing something of value in exchange for email and other content information.

6. Look at What Others Are Doing

It’s not worth putting the wheel back in. It might work. There are effective real estate Facebook marketing ads in your area.

Visit a competitor’s website. Find out what your Facebook page looks like. If you see a competitor’s real estate ad, don’t hate it and scroll down. Study it. Look at what type of post you’re getting. You can also click on it to see what your landing page will look like.

This is another effective ad from a Keeler Williams agent in Atlanta. Consider how this will meet the specific needs of a specific type of home buyer.

7. Test Your Ads

It can be natural to target the right audience with real estate Facebook marketing ads. But testing always improves it. Wouldn’t it be possible to acquire new, more valuable customers with less time and money?

Facebook has created a system to encourage testing. You can run two different ads with two small budgets. Find the one that works best for your audience.

There are 7 actionable tips for Facebook marketing for real estate.

7 Tips for Real Estate Facebook Marketing

Agents are increasingly required to have digital real estate websites because of the increasing number of people who prefer online shopping over visiting physical stores. To ensure customers receive all details on the internet, the data must be accurate and complete. This will increase the likelihood of final closings.