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Xcent Group 1

Launched in 2016, xcentgroup.com, India’s No. 1 property portal, deals with every aspect of the consumers’ needs in the real estate industry. It is an online forum where buyers, sellers and brokers/agents can exchange information about real estate properties quickly, effectively and
inexpensively. At xcentgroup.com, you can advertise a property, search for a property, browse through properties, build your own property microsite, and keep yourself updated with the latest news and trends making headlines in the realty sector

Xcent Group is an online platform where real estate trade is taking place in a much faster and newer manner. We not just help you with finding the ideal real estate, but also ensure that your buying journey is as smooth as it can be. We understand that while buying or renting a property, there are a lot of factors to be taken into consideration, like the locality, preferred area, budget, amenities, and a lot more. Xcent Group is the destination where you will end up finding the best suitable property available across India. Whether you are looking for a rented property or planning to build your dream abode, you can find anything and everything in real estate at our portal. We offer residential and commercial property listings for both sale and rent across the country. If you wish to make property investment in top cities, we present detailed information of various properties on sale, upcoming projects by renowned builders, budget residential apartments, commercial spaces, shops,Open Plots etc. across cities like Mumbai, New Mumbai, Raigad, Mahad, Pune and many more. A wide variety of listing that is advertised here gives you an excellent overview of all property available in the area you are considering. Whether you are hunting for residential property, agricultural property, your next business set up, or an office space, Xcent Group aims at providing you the largest number of listing options in your preferred area to choose from.

Problem and Challenges


No social media existence

 They had no social media existence which held them backward compared to other competitors.  


No quality leads

There was no quality content on website which did not help them in ranking and due to lack of sentence length and other vocabulary problems their quality score was low.


Low conversion leads

They were facing low conversion to the generated leads via traditional marketing. Knowing that the plotting and flats which they provide are the best of quality they were not able to reach the potential customers.

Brand awareness and closing on the spot

We at ADM not only got them quality leads but we also have started the SEO of xcent group and it is one of the ongoing projects that we are focusing on.

SEO is done both on page and off page were more traffic is generated and converted easily.

Solutions given by Advert Digital Mantra

A 10 days trail based work was done by us because to make them understand how the work flow is done and what exactly made them sure that we are the one that they desperately needed.

1. Getting in touch with the Public

In the trail period of 10 days a budget was given to us by them for the social media ads which were handled by ADM. We keenly targeted the potential audience and started to gather the quality leads for about 150 + leads were generated via social media marketing which was done on Facebook for 10 days and 15+ conversions were witnessed who purchased the flats of xcent group.

2. Bringing them Quality leads

We at ADM studied their journey from the roots and then started to make suitable strategies for them.

They had really good flats which made a remark in our minds that they actually needed worthy leads which can make them successful as well as bring profits.