What is Snippet Optimization / Schema ?

What is Snippet Optimization / Schema ?

Learn how to take advantage of the Featured Snippet Optimization Tool’s data

What our Featured Snippet Optimization Tool does

First, we get together up to 80 of the most valuable phrases of each URL, Google’s organic search result currently focuses on the syntax at least 15 in your site. If you think a sentence is missing, so that your site is not ranked in the top 15, your chance of getting the featured snippet is 0%. We then look for those search phrases to show the featured snippets back in Google search results. After that, what phrase we show back the featured snippet, the type of snippet and the value of that phrase as well as additional data. When we search all the phrases related to each page, we also ask people related to the data and combine the search.

What is Google’s “People Ask”

Often, when you search for a phrase in Google, you’ll see a section that says “Ask people.” These are often placed under a featured snippet at the top of the search results page. If you are optimizing the page for the featured snippet, it is highly recommended that you also optimize for “asking people” queries. When a user clicks on the query “People also ask”, a dropdown is scrapped from a related page like how Google shows up for a featured snippet. Above all, the “People Ask” phrase indicates featured snippets when searching directly for all of Google.What is Snippet Optimization / Schema ?

Google “related search”: what they are

In the Google search results page, you’ll always see a section called “correlated search

[phrase searched]

” at the bottom. “Generally, there are eight sentences listed here. These are additional phrases that you want to write on your page and ask them for optimization, because a high percentage of them also shows the featured snippets when you search them directly.

“People also ask for” and “data related search” data for the featured snippet optimization tool

The featured snippet optimization tool combines “Ask People” and “Related Search related data” and adds them to your page-level analysis so it’s easy to edit or add related content to that phrase. Now that you have all this data in front of you, you can start optimizing for featured snippets.

Featured Snippet Content Editor Tool

When you click the “Create” button next to a phrase, the tool will give you an option to “edit new content” or “edit existing content”. Sometimes, when you’re trying to optimize for a particular phrase, you might want to add new content to the existing page, but at other times, maybe you might have related content on the page that only needs editing. Each time you optimize for a phrase, you have the choice. If you create new content, then we recommend creating a paragraph or a subtitle tag corresponding to that headline. If you want to edit part of your existing content, enter the old content in the top box, then enter the new, edited content.

Once you’ve made changes you can see all the content that needs to be edited or added for each URL by going to the “Optimized Snippets” tab. Use this data to update your content. After about one month of updating your content, you can restart the device and see a new summary that will include those run and original running changes so that you can see the results of your work.

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