What is seo? learn in 10 min

What is SEO, SEO is a process to improve the visibility of your online business, such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. across different search engines. It includes different strategies, which help keep your website ahead of all your competitors and generate traffic to your website.

SEO is a continuous process, and other strategies like Google AdWords and pay-per-click can help you get results overnight, but cannot. SEO takes months to rank keywords and increase traffic.

In our recent years, we have generated significant traffic, customers, and revenue for our customers through SEO.

What is SEO Management?

What is Seo?

Managing SEO can refer to managing an SEO strategy for your company or agency. As part of SEO management, your team or agency develops, leads and reviews your strategy to maximize your results and achieve your marketing, sales and business goals.

A variety of different strategies used to generate traffic are known as SEO management. Each company has its own way of managing SEO. There is no strict and quick rule for SEO to follow the prescribed procedure. Companies often adapt their strategies to create the best ROI for their customers.

Companies generally prefer to partner with a local SEO company to meet their digital needs.

Nowadays, digital marketing is preferred to traditional marketing and companies that collaborate with agencies with a proven track record and a good background in SEO. They are investing a large part of SEO’s marketing budget. One study showed that 55% of the company’s partners with marketing agency.o

It is crucial to understand what management is and how to manage it. Whether you rent an agency or do it within your company, your strategy must be effective for results.

Steps to Successful SEO Management

If you hire an SEO agency, you should also understand how it actually works, management must be strong to promote the strategy.

Steps to Successful SEO Management:

1. Public Research

Public Research

The first and foremost thing to manage SEO is your target audience. You need to understand who your target audience is. You should have in-depth knowledge of your target market, how it is done, how they do, what is the latest update and how the market fluctuates. You must have all of the above answers before making an SEO strategy.

You can do as much research on your target market as possible and try to find answers to the questions below:

What does the target market offer?

Are your products and services sufficient to meet their needs?

Who are the contestants? How are they performing?

What strategies do your competitors follow?

Demand varies every day. If you want to see the results, you’ll need an updated strategy. The strategy used for months may not be useful in the current scenario. So, you need to continuously understand the market and plan your strategy accordingly.

2. Competitor analysis

Then the second most important thing under management is competitive analysis. Competitive analysis gives you a picture of how your competitors work in the market. What strategies are they pursuing to attract their audience? Whether you hire a SEO agency or decide to do it yourself, you should perform a competitive analysis before creating a SEO strategy. There are two types of contestants:

Direct competitors: Know about your business. You may have a list of these contestants. You’ll see how they do in SEO.

Indirect competitors: These are works you may not be familiar with but appear in search engine results. Say, for example, two or more companies can use the same keyword as a “local wholesaler,” and may show different products, but the keyword they use is common in the wholesaler’s category. Non. Therefore, they will consider your indirect competitors.

When conducting a competitive analysis, you should consider both direct and indirect competitors. Often, indirect competitors have stronger strategies, then direct competitors. So you have to carefully study the strategy of both.

During a competitive analysis, consider the following points:

Target keywords

the target audience

Invest in SEO


Strategies were followed

An SEO agency such as Advert Digital mantra can help you develop an effective strategy that will give you a strong competitive analysis for both types of competitors. Many companies are trying to develop a search engine optimization strategy (SEO) within the company so that you do not need to invest in an external agency. But often, internal marketing teams fail to develop a strong strategy because of a lack of knowledge and experience in digital marketing, and this is where an agency like Advert digital mantra can help.

3. Improve the site

After analyzing the market and competitors, website optimization is the next step. Once you study about the market and target competitors, you will now need to focus on optimizing your website. It’s a very difficult process because it involves a lot of technical things.

You can manage internal display markets and competitive analysis, but to improve the website you need a technical person. An agency like Advert digital mantra can help you here. We help you optimize your website for better SEO results.

The following factors play an important role when optimizing your website.

Title tag: The title tag is the tile of your page that appears in search results. The title tag should use the keywords you target. You should be short and attractive to attract the attention of users and encourage them to click and visit your website.

Meta description: Meta description refers to the description of your page. This is a short introduction to your title tag. The description description should also contain keywords and also appear in search results with the title tag.

Title: Your website address plays a very important role because it’s the first thing visitors see. Using keywords in titles is a good practice from a SEO perspective. The titles should be attractive and short.

Images: Images make the page more attractive and readable. A page without an image is usually unable to attract a visitor for a long time. If your page contains images, charts, and graphs, the visitor will remain on the page for a long time. The file name and full text of the image must use keywords in the description.

Content: Your website must contain updated and relevant content. He or she should be able to provide all necessary information that the visitor may search for. Proper use of keywords in website content helps SEO. You should avoid keyword stuffing when creating content for your website.

4. Monthly report

Written documents play an important role in SEO. SEO is all about data. Through all the above analysis, you can easily measure what your strategy is doing. You can modify it as required. You can also see areas of optimization for your SEO strategy.

Like Advert Digital mantra, the SEO agency, we provide you with reports on the monthly work done, so you have a record of what work has been done and what progress has been made so far. You can compare the results on a monthly basis to make sure that you have one in the right place. We also provide biweekly reports if customers request it.

The following factors should be considered when analyzing the monthly report.


Membership Movement

the transfer


Tools like Google Analytics, Google Search Console, and Ahrefs can be used to monitor your progress.

Reports are a final but very important part of SEO management. Whether you’re doing this within the company or hiring an agency, reports can help improve your SEO strategy and Lope Holes file, if any.

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