Top 6 Social Media platforms for business

Top 6 social media platforms for business

Top 6 social media platforms for business

Social Media Marketing

 Top Social Media platforms for business

You are an experienced social media marketer, it is helpful to know the popular social media sites, even if one is looking for engaged in social media marketing or looking at business owners looking for leverage on social media. This will allow you to increase your brand reach to maximize social media, engage with the right people, and achieve your social media objectives. This is also what the social media site is right for you and for you. Is it fit on your brand image? Is Your Target audience using this social media site? How many social media sites can you manage at the same time? To make things easy for you, I did some research and compiled information about top social media sites.

The most popular social media sites

  1. Facebook

Facebook is the most social media site that uses more than 2 billion people every month. It’s one-third of the world’s population! Over 65 million businesses using Facebook pages and more than six million advertisers are actively promoting your business on Facebook, which makes it safer security if you want to be present on social media. It’s easy to get started on Facebook because almost all content formats work best on Facebook – text, images, videos, live videos and stories. But keep in mind that Facebook algorithms give content priority which amaze people, especially between family and friends, and meaningful interactions. If you would like to know more about being successful with the updated Facebook algorithm, Brian Peters, our Strategic Partnership Marketing Partner, shared the secret of the new algorithm and what you can do to enhance your Facebook.

Also, remember to optimize your content for mobile, because 94% of Facebook users have access to Facebook through mobile apps.

2. YouTube

You Tube

YouTube is a video-sharing platform where users watch one billion hours of video every day. To get started, you can create a YouTube channel for your brand where you can upload videos to view, like, comment and share your subscribers. In addition to the other major social media sites, YouTube (also owned by Google) is also often referred to as the second largest search engine after Google. (So ​​if you want your brand on YouTube, then I recommend reading it on YouTube SEO.) Finally, you can also advertise on YouTube to maximize your reach on the platform.

3. What’s app


What’s app is a messaging app used in more than 180 countries. Initially, What’s apps were used to communicate with their family and friends. Gradually, people started communicating with businesses via What’s app. (When I used to buy a new case in Bangkok, I talked to teller via What’s app.) What’s app is building its business platform to allow businesses to trade, provide customer support, and share updates with customers about their purchases. For small businesses, they’ve created the What’s app Apps app for medium and large businesses, it’s the What’s app Business API. Here are some stories about how businesses are using What’s app.

4. Instagram

Instagram is a photo and video sharing social media app. This allows you to share content of a broader content like photos, videos, stories and live videos. He recently launched IGTV for long-form videos. As a brand, you may have an Instagram business profile, which will give you the ability to schedule your profile and post and schedule Instagram posts using third-party tools.

Here’s our complete guide to Instagram marketing, here to help you get started and succeed.

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5. Twitter

Twitter is a social media site for news, entertainment, games, politics and more. What makes Twitter different from most other social media sites is a strong emphasis on real-time information – what’s currently happening. For example, a certain moment in Twitter’s history is when Janice Crom tweeted an image of a plane descending into the Hudson River while on a boat to pick up the passengers. Another feature of Twitter is that it only allows 280 characters (140 for Japanese, Korean and Chinese) in tweets, there is a lot of limitation in comparison to most social media sites. Twitter is used as a customer service. According to advertisers on Twitter, more than 80% of social customer service requests happen on Twitter. And Sales force calls on Twitter “new 1-800 numbers for customer services”. There are now several social media customer service tools to help buffer answers to help manage social customer service conversions.

6. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is now more than just a resuming and job search site. It has evolved into a professional social media site where industry experts connect the content, networks, and create their own personal brand. It has also become a place for business to establish their leadership leadership and authority and to attract talent to their company. To help grow your LinkedIn Company page followers, we have written a blog post with a simple five-step policy. LinkedIn also offers advertising opportunities, such as increasing your content, sending personalized ads to LinkedIn Inbox and displaying advertisements on site side.

Use social media marketing to listen, analyze, publish and engage the network. Align your marketing, customer service and sales efforts on social-empowering customer relationships. Social media campaigns are on, then creating real, meaningful relationships with your customers. You can find out what your customers have to say about your company, products and competition, including social studio’s social audiences and analysis tools. With this information, you can run a more effective social media marketing campaign by running the conversation. And not only that, you can use this information to make informed decisions about the future product proposals.

  • Listen and analyze.

Listen to conversations with over 650 million different sources, including social listening devices. Find out what your customers are saying about your brand, your products, and your competitors. Find trending topics and effective conversations – then use that information to indicate your marketing decisions.

  • Plan and publish.

Planning, implementing and tracking social media marketing campaigns. While protecting your brand with configurable approval rules and complete audit trails, customize your content and build from multiple sources. Manage social policies in distributed teams, create missions and bring social awareness.

  • Engage and connect

Respond to your customers on time with engaging content. Manage your own social channel and participate in conversations by scale. Organize discussions and topics, and automatically label, classify and assign posts to work and prioritize all teams.

  • Show your digital presence.

The Marketing Command Center is a multichannel hub with a customizable display by providing up-to-date details on what’s happening in your digital marketing strategy.

  • Manage your social strategy from any device.

Convert customer experience by connecting socially on a successful platform to each customer’s integrated view. Sales and service teams can engage customers with a favorite channel fast and more effectively with fans and followers.

  • Connect Morally to a Customer Successful Platform

Increase engagement on social analytics, analysis, content marketing, and customer-friendly platforms. Use social insights to boost marketing decisions. Surprise and Enjoy Customers With Social Customer Service Find and connect fast new customers with social lead generation.

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