Sanmitra Devloper Case Study 1

Sanmitra Developers Case Study

1000+ Leads

450+ Site Visits

80+ Converted

Sanmitra Devloper Case Study 1

Sanmitra developers established by four great developers namely Gajanan Kalshetti, Suresh Adheli, Mahantesh Dhodmani, Jayesh Sanga. Sanmitra developers offers plots with good installments of payment. People need plots with right place, right price, right availability & with right installment, for that Sanmitra developers is here.Sanmitra Developers have plots in the area of the Solapur, Kondi, Khed and Gulvanchi. Developers focus is only on peoples need and these need successfully provided by Sanmitra Developers.

Problem and Challenges


Inactive on social media

They were not active on social media and they had no clue about how they could reach more people through being active on social media


Problems for closing leads

Due to no proper training was given to the tele-callers they were facing problems for closing the leads.


Lack of Branding and awareness

As Sanmitra developers have such a quality of work and road touch plots the people were unaware about such huge plotting’s which was readily available for them at such affordable prices but due to no brand awareness they faced problems.


Active on Social media platform

We made sure that they get the best because they deserved the best hence activeness on the social media right from scratch was done by us which turned fruitfull and helped them a lot.

Lead Generation

Through proper ads which were delivered to the targeted people they were many leads generated. Promotion on social media Facebook, Instagram, YouTube Which were done in paid sense brought about 1000 leads and 50+ conversions which purchased 50 road touching plots.

Backend Training

We made sure that the backend team was strong enough and hence proper training for the telecallers was given by us and hence the convincing skills was improved which resulted into lot of visits by the people on a single call.

Brand awareness and closing on the spot

Closing on the spot was done very easily due to brand awareness and the people gained trust as they were aware about this because of the online presence.