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The real estate market has unique challenges. Compared to other sectors, the time is tight, highly localized, highly competitive, and a highly engaging product. Consumers in India conduct a comprehensive online search before buying a high-value product such as a home.

According to a study by Assocham, in India, real estate companies spend nearly Rs. 2500 crores per year on marketing and advertising, 25% -30% of these expenses are spent directly on digital marketing. This proves the importance and effectiveness of digital marketing in real estate. Digital real estate marketing plays a key role in providing personalized experiences to buyers. The focus should now be on getting conversions from those leads and increasing sales.

Why online presence?

Creating your online presence is simple enough Creating a website and sending emails to potential customers and posting them on social media is one of the best ways to reach outlook online. The hard part is knowing how to use these tools in an effective way to establish your brand, engage your customers and get you the leading customers.

Here are somethings which can help you grow your business

Search Engine Marketing

Marketers often make mistakes in ad copies, budgeting, and targeting and in most cases having a joint advertising strategy and SEM. This can be improved in several ways:

Keyword Purpose

In order to effectively target your audience, Google Adwords and Ubersuggest can provide the right keywords. Long-term use of Webmaster and Google Analytics can help improve your keyword data and help understand the behaviour of your audience and your most valuable keywords.

The next step will be to analyze the most successful keywords and expand on those common variations. Marketers should also consider long keywords with good potential for more revenue because they usually have low competition and are specifically targeted at visitors interested in buying.

Ad copies

Should be developed by looking at expectations need with a major focus on the headline. Target keywords must be accurate, crisp, and clear. Another crucial aspect of copying ads is the mention of CTA.

Any ad copy without CTA is incomplete. CTA helps drive audiences to make the right decisions and helps identify your real customers.
Making customized connections through ads that highlight the unmet needs of the buyer will always have a greater impact.


has become the largest form of consumption in content marketing on every platform. More than 45% of people watch at least an hour of video on Facebook & Instagram daily. Video marketing plays a crucial role in real estate marketing, especially in a country like India where trust is a major concern.

Showing properties on video across different channels is a way to create a strong brand identity and enhance brand loyalty among your customers. Compared to TV ads, video marketing is much cheaper with better payoffs because you have a higher probability of converting through these ads. Today real estate marketers showcase their creativity by using different elements regardless of the real estate offer.

Connect Emotionally

Brands that have an emotional relationship with their target audience develop a personal relationship with their audience. There is a sense of trust and reliability and also forms a strong brand identity. Having a clearly defined brand creates strong loyalty to the brand. This helps a lot in real estate marketing.

Social media groups, blogs, articles, and user communities play a key role in developing a relationship with the target audience. The real estate as a co-producer, brands need to be aware of their audience’s interest levels in order to provide them with improved buyer experience. Dialogue with your audience leads to better engagement and strong brand recall this is a crucial part in real estate marketing

Keep an Eye

Keep an eye on the competition.
What do other brokers in your area do? What do their websites look like? How active are they on social media? Notice what your competitors are doing – then avoid their mistakes and repeat their success!

Make yourself easy to communicate.
Place your contact information on each page of your website. Ideally, make our contact page impressive and attracting attention this will help a lot in real estate marketing.

Create a killer business card.
Get a great-looking business card and deliver it like a pizza flyer on a Friday night.

Take advantage of local images.
In many ways, you not only sell a house, but you also sell an entire city or area. Showcase the best your area can offer, with high-quality, beautiful photos of local city landmarks and familiar locations.

Hire a Photo Professional
Successful real estate is highly dependent on great photography. Bad pictures will reduce interest even in the greatest real estate. It is absolutely essential that you have great pictures of your belongings. Hire a professional photographer (preferably with experience in home photography and architecture), or, if you have advanced equipment and confidence in your abilities, use your own hand. Just remember that this is one of those scenarios when you pay to bring in professionals.

We collect a lot of data in the context of the advertising and sales process. Do we use data effectively and bring intelligence? There is a big disconnect between advertising and sales, therefore, the feedback loop is barely complete. Feedback to teams and platforms in the form of sales data will help focus on the right audience and improve campaign performance. We recently saw a lot of people trying to go online for operations which helped them in real estate marketing.

Collection of KYC

Not only payments but document collection, KYC details can be completed online to minimize human resource requirements. Lead activities must be synchronized with the CRM used by the sales and pre-sales team to fetch sales intelligence. Unless this happens, how will the sales agent or pre-sales know who is the right customer to invest time in? Connecting Marketing Automation and Sales Automation is now a “must-have” feature and not a “good” feature.

Take advantage of all Facebook advertising tools. Facebook may have started socializing, but it is now a major marketing tool for real estate agents, to increase potential customers and sellers. In addition to advertising, you should enable reviews and services, create and use Facebook groups, upload a Facebook video, and use Facebook Live in your properties to give potential customers a behind-the-scenes look at your list. You can also post 360-degree photos and videos that can help you communicate more accurately with your shape and space which will help you in real estate marketing.

Set up keyword searches on Twitter. These will let you know when people search the exact zip code to buy or sell a home. Create an email newsletter and send emails to your database. This is one of the best ways to take advantage of email marketing to contact new customers and keep in touch with former customers. It’s a great place to share content like upcoming open houses, market reports, or recent blogs.


The internet has made it easier than ever for real estate agents to provide a useful service to their prospects. That’s why it’s so important to take advantage of these digital tools and create an integrated online presence, driving more qualified leads to your site, therefore, will eventually help in real estate marketing.

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