Mobile App for a Restaurant Business

Its time transform your restaurant business with mobile app

A few years ago, there was a concept: If you have a business, you need a website. In today’s mobile-driven planet, awareness is turning to mobile apps. The feature-rich mobile app plays a key role in increasing sales by increasing brand value. Previously, I discussed a lot about why your business needs an Android and iOS mobile app, but now it’s time to think big. Let’s talk about a specific industry, ie restaurant. In this article, I’m going to go over the lights on some of the main reasons to transform your restaurant business with a mobile app.

If we look at the current scenario of the food distribution industry, many restaurant owners are using mobile apps to modernize the way they order food and serve their customers. Today, you can see that restaurants are trying white-label solutions like Uber Eats and Swiggy. In addition, food apps such as Zomato and uber eats in Western markets are also helping consumers make their delivery at home. Considering the high usage, people have begun to invest in the development of mobile apps for the restaurant business. Whether you are a 10-table, family-run restaurant or multi-branch restaurant chain, if you don’t have a dedicated mobile app, you are likely to lose at least 20% increase in sales.

The Food Delivery App Market has huge potential

Given the above points, it is not wrong to say that this is a great time to enter this market. Estimates for this sector from several studies show exponential expansion, with a CAGR growth of 14.9% per year until 2020.

Mobile To Transform Your Restaurant Business

With fast growing tablets and smartphones globally, developing a food delivery app is a great local business strategy with very successful potential.

If you decide to invest in a mobile app or hire a top mobile app development company for your restaurant, the next thing is what features to put in it? Here, I’ve compiled a list of essential features that every restaurant app should definitely have. Look once

  • The restaurant mobile app must have features
  • App ordering and easy payments

One of the most important benefits a user gets with your app is the application order. Ordering online and in-app allows your customers to avoid lines or wait for an order to be processed. The ability to pay for their orders in advance takes customer convenience a step further. This not only makes the lives of customers easier, but also increases the ability to manage orders.

  • location based services

With the prevalence of location-based services such as beacons and geo-fencing, brands have the ability to interact with potential customers before stepping into the brick-and-mortar position. Now, it’s time to distribute flyers to passengers, and your customers will come to you easily by finding you nearby.

  • Offer social media benefits

when it’s time to turn your restaurant business into a mobile app If you want to take advantage of the word from word of mouth, you need a great presence on social media platforms. Mobile app with social media integration for iOS and Android app developers allows you to reap the benefits of connecting with your customers.

  • loyalty rewards and discounts

According to a survey by Statista, 37% of consumers use the mobile app for a discount. 26% of customers use the app to earn loyalty points. If you also want to expand your customer base, providing loyal rewards and discounts in your app in a timely manner will keep customers hooked to your app.

  • Personalization

In recent times, personalization has become an important feature in on-demand applications. In this feature, the app tracks and analyses the day-to-day activities & behaviour of the user and correspondingly refers to related products & services. It helps to engage and build your connection with the customer. With personalization, you save customers time to search repeatedly from their favourite restaurant or cuisine.

  • customer feedback portal

Last but not least, the most effective way to get insights to improve your app is to provide customer feedback option in your app. It is important to constantly review and make necessary changes to your app to keep yourself up with competitors. Also, add a feedback system so users can share their experiences.

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