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Media Planning and Analytics 1

Our Media planning and Analytics team has the acumen and agility to work through repression, conduct comprehensive campaigns that increase conversions and then take advantage of the appropriate media to ensure maximum CLTV. Smaller and faster experiments help you get the right insights faster, which are then measured to maximize impact and results – saving you time and increasing your return on investment.

We hear the voice of every single person, at advert digital mantra we study from the customer’s point of you and decide the right media platform for you. If there is a particular industry which sells XYZ product, we analyze the actually number of searches happening for that product and bring you the potential customers which have to be converted. Major multinationals are beginning to recognize the importance of planning for communication channels as media companies continue to rationalize and develop them. When media planning is well done, media selection is based on big data through joint research surveys. All people want the media to reach the right audience. Some companies know who their audience is, while others may be surprised to actually know their audience through analyzes of past media visions of media campaigns, or through media research surveys.

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 Implementation & execution of various marketing campaigns at Advert Digital Mantra. His sound analytical skills and Marketing insights have helped many clients increase their marketing ROI. Advert Digital Mantra is passionate about all things tech and known for his proficiency in defining high-level Content & Strategy. His Marketing skills, as well as his acute interest in executing small to large scale systems, has helped.

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