How To Write Real Estate Ads On Facebook

The Facebook ad is exactly what it sounds like: it is an ad placed on the Facebook platform. However, there are many Facebook ads. Facebook Ads can also be broadcast on Instagram and LinkedIn. If you have a limited marketing budget, you want to get where the majority of your users are. More than 1.7 billion people log into Facebook here every day. Sutton’s note: They have 1.7 billion viewers and you should use
 Facebook Ads expands your audience to a group that is beyond your normal friends and followers on social media. You have a great group that you can use to make sure your business leads and converts to be as successful as possible.

Your Logo

First and most important thing while creating real estate ads on Facebook logo is very important. If use your logo in Facebook ads, a professional-looking logo and landing page on your website will help you convert more leads.

Real estate Facebook ads – Lead Generation

Since Facebook allows you to target buyers and sellers, you should have a little idea of what kind of leads you want to get before you get started. Try to bring numbers if possible. How many more buyers or sellers do you have in your financial goals? And then start doing further process.

Set up a business page on Facebook

The next thing you need to activate Facebook real estate ads is the Facebook business page. If you don’t have a setup yet, click here to get started. Enter your general business information, as well as brand images, your logo, and a key photo.

Use special ad categories

As a recent change, Facebook has added a new ad campaign category called Special Ads Category. With this category, real estate agents can no longer segment by age, gender or zip code or any other demographic related to protected characteristics.

Some differences between targeting options in a specific ad category and its general ad categories.


Geo location is still available for targeting with special ad categories, but there are two changes to the way you target.

  1. You can no longer point to specific PIN codes. Instead, you are oriented to your region or city using a push pin, which sets the radius around the location of your choice.
  2. The pin-drop establishes a radius of at least 15 miles instead of the previous 10.

Ads you create will target people within the radius you set. Facebook also gives you the option to target people in the area with different criteria,


Targeting to different age ranges is available for ad campaigns created by a specific age range. Facebook will now set the audience to be 18-65 or older.


You can’t even edit this option in a special ad category. Your ad audience is set to include all gender.

Identify your buyers and sellers

Successful real estate brokers know who to work with when buying and selling homes. Use this knowledge to help build your ideal target audience.

Build your ideal customer marketing staff to help you target the right people. Marketing people are fictitious profiles that highlight the characteristics of your particular customer. When you create a marketing staff, you identify the main components of your audience, including demographics, socioeconomic status, and interests.

Set your campaign bidding policy

Campaign bidding strategies can be a bit complicated and require constant attention, so we recommend that you choose the “lowest cost” bidding strategy. This means that Facebook will bid on your behalf for the lowest price.

Try to Create local ads that will reach your buyers in your area

As a real estate agent, you want to create real estate ads on Facebook that attract local buyers and sellers. With Facebook real estate ads, you can target your ads to locations (not just zip codes) to reach more customers who want to buy and sell houses in your area. For example, you can post a home ad and target a homeowner looking for a home in that area. You can create an area-focused ad promoting your real estate business.

Keep it in short

Get to the point directly when writing your ad copy. You want your advertising content to be attractive but also honest and transparent. Explain your offer when writing ad copy. Whether you are advertising a home or advertising your services, your audience must know exactly what you are offering. Show your audience how you can help them or how they fit into your starter list what they need. Also, create an attractive call to action (CTA) for your ad. You can encourage people to fill out a contact form or visit your landing page for more listing information and images. To create a successful ad, align the CTA with your campaign goals.

Create attractive landing pages

It depends on the goals of your real estate ad campaign, but landing pages are a popular way to drive conversions. Most of your Facebook real estate ads will convert better with engaging landing pages related to them.

Landing pages are a great way to direct customers to the specific offers and services that you offer. Landing pages should be simple and straightforward to encourage your customers to take action. They should also have a clean web design and attractive graphics.

For example, if you are showing a list of your Facebook real estate ads, your landing page should contain detailed information for that list.

On the other hand, your landing page should have an easy form for your customers to fill out if you offer free access to the online home assessment tool.

The less information your customer needs to convert to your landing page, the more attractive it will be.

Take a look at different ad formats to see what attracts customers.

Don’t forget to use different Facebook ad formats. Popular Facebook ads for real estate include.

 Display ads: Facebook real estate ads that have a single image to attract public.

 Video Ads : Videos are a great way to show off all the unique aspects of your list and engage your audience.

 Carousel Ads: Want to display multiple images or videos? Try carousel ads, which can contain up to 10 images or videos per Facebook ad.

Story ads: Story ads are vertically configured full-screen videos. They provide dimensions attached to an already compromised video ad system.

Instant Experience Ads: These ads were known as the Facebook canvas. Like Story ads, Instant Experience ads are full-screen ads that connect viewers directly to landing pages built into the Facebook platform.

If you use given above all tips for Facebook ads then you definitely grow business

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