How important is SEO in Content Marketing?

how important is SEO in Content Marketing

Marketers always face challenges in improving their content so that the target audience can discover it. The methods used by traditional media include print advertising, mainly through PR and paid content in magazines and magazines. Understanding readers and customers as well as distribution networks helps traditional media houses choose content and publishers to display.
However, this is a direct marketing tool and is not fully compatible with the content consumption behavior of today’s audiences.

Today’s consumer content is largely digital and the consumer chooses to consume only what is important and interesting to them. This led to “Content Discovery”, “I am consuming what I discover!”
Thus, it is necessary to present content marketing efforts in ways that fit the interests of consumers, which can be easily found and consumed.

The increasing shift in digital media consumption as researched by Zenith Optomic is below:

The importance of SEO

How does content discovery work? Here’s a quick explanation:
Create content that can be discovered through social media:
Post and share updates on social media, content links, engaging tags, headlines, humor, the importance of sharing news and sports, you can name them, and there’s something for everyone on social media. There are also criteria of interest and importance that motivate your content to meet the right audience. In addition to organic and caring methods, the key to content search lies not only in the title, but in a sophisticated form of social media search: “The Hashtag.” The way SEO works on search engines and social search engines makes content relevant to the importance of hashing and other keywords.

Make content discoverable via SEO:

Search engines are moving to any student content. I single use Google to search while writing this blog. Now how does this work? Is my query showing some dump on the Internet? How does Google or Google give me results? The answer to this question is related to Google’s algorithm, and yes, there is more than one SEO algorithm.

Content Discovery Platforms:

Consumption of content has become very convenient, and more and more people are constantly looking for more. Access to relevant content is provided by marketing content through discovery platforms such as Taboola, Out-brain, etc. Content suggestions target audiences looking for similar content.

How can I improve my content marketing with SEO to make my content consumer-friendly and discover-able?
By optimizing content to be relevant to the following algorithms, SEO can improve access to content marketing:
Google Hummingbird – Search conversation links
Google Panda – Website quality (enhanced tags and addresses)
Google Penguin – link filter algorithm for quality checker / anti-spam
Google Pigeon – Relevance to local search results (addresses, contact information, etc.)
Google EMD (exact match domain) – as a result of domain name retrieval
Effective content marketing needs a strong SEO strategy that displays the use of tags, keywords, web page content and other platforms related to search engines, portals, forums, etc., making SEO an introduction during content marketing.

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