Get Higher Conversions Through Google Analytics.

GA is an analytical tool that gives you a very in-depth look at your website and / or application performance. It integrates with all Google marketing products (including Google ads, Search Console, and Data Studio) making it a popular choice for anyone using multiple Google tools. If you want a lot of data – and most importantly, you have the time and the ability to analyze and dispose of it – GA is a great occasion, however, if you are looking for something easy to set up and fast to learn, you’ll be disappointed. Certainly, GA is a time commitment: to implement and continue to maintain and use. Other marketing analytics options (such as HubSpot) can provide you with all the data you need with much less work.

Focus on relevant KPIs

Typical errors in Google Analytics include reporting without knowing exactly which metrics to monitor and track. While it may be fun to review these reports, it makes no sense if these metrics do not meet your business goals. It’s important to devise 5 to 10 key indicators that will affect your business processes and don’t get distracted by “vanity metrics” like traffic to your website. Once you resolve your KPIs, you can gain valuable insights on metrics that help you meet your site or business goals. Forget about irrelevant data and review critical reports.

See your top analytics data first.

If there is one (or more) of the data you want to see at a glance each time you sign in to your analytics, make sure you set it up in the Dashboards area. You can create multiple dashboards, each of which can contain multiple tools. To create a new dashboard, just go to Dashboards in the menu bar in your analytics, then select New Dashboard. Then add your widgets. You can choose from widgets that show you a specific metric, a pie chart that compares metrics, a timeline of one to two, or a table that displays a dimension with two specific metrics. Each type of widget can also be filtered.

Set and Define goals

Just as your website needs to achieve SMART business goals, you must reconfigure Google Analytics to measure conversions against some specific goals. This way, when you measure these conversions, it will confirm that you are on track to achieve your business goals. When you measure conversions with goals, your conversion rate becomes the most important KPI, regardless of the goal of your website. If there is more than one goal, assigning an arbitrary monetary value to each goal helps, even if the value is not fully aligned with the purchase value of a transaction. This allows you to get closer to your business goals with respect to goals that have a greater impact on your business.

Generate custom dashboards and reports

Google Analytics gives you the option of creating custom dashboards. Get quick access to top data that focuses exclusively on KPIs relevant to your business goals. Analytics allows you to create up to 20 dashboards. However, it is recommended that you only focus strictly on the relevant metrics you have already selected. You can also access the Solutions Gallery from ready-made dashboard templates provided by other users. As you get multiple template options, choose those that match the specified metrics because these dashboard templates are very effective. You can also create custom reports through Google Analytics. This is a great way to create reports tailored to your goals.

Determine where the best visitors are.

Have you considered using ads across Google, Facebook, StumbleUpon, or other services? If not, it can be a daunting task to decide who to target during your ad settings. Many will ask if you want to focus on a specific country or target your ad worldwide.

Thanks to Google Analytics, you are no longer concerned. Just look at the visitor list to see the demographics of your visitors’ site.
Here, you can see your statistics around the world, including average time on site and bounce rate for visitors from certain countries. You can also visit certain countries and see these statistics as well as goal conversion rates in certain regions.

Visualize what people click the most.

Nosy Where do people make the most clicks on your site? In the content list, Anal-Analytics will pull your website into the Analytics browser with information about the percentage of clicks that occurred on each internal link on your site.
Hover over each link for additional details and click More pages on your site to see more details. This can help you visually identify the most popular areas of your site and help you determine where people clicked on your site. So, if you have a specific link that you want visitors to see, you should make sure to place it in the areas of your site that receive the most clicks.

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