Google is bringing Search Console data to third-party content platform

Google is bringing Search Console data to third-party content platform

Google is bringing Search Console data to third-party content platform

Google’s Featured Snippets are prime real estate in the SERPs, but if you want to capture it This powerful tool identifies and organizes Featured Snippet data for your keywords making it easy to rank in Position 0. Google’s Martin Split revealed that the company is working on ways to bring Search Console data to a third-party platform. Split said in a recent video on Google’s Google master YouTube channel, “There really would be an API to integrate data from the search console.” The video is centred around the discussion about SEO and the future of the web. Some of Google’s future plans include bringing more search engine data where people are already The Split was careful not to be very specific, but he emphasized on the plan to bring Search Console data to the Web’s largest content management system. “We are working on ways to integrate external parties and external content providers and platforms to achieve those data which we are already collecting for search consoles. We do not want [webmasters] to go to the search console in particular, and now they deal with the interface they are using and then deal with something new. So we are bringing data into these platforms and, ultimately, hopefully, once we collect enough information to understand how data is used, and what data is necessary and meaningful for external parties – We will open these interfaces. “

Google wants to reduce the need for site owners to access the site console directly to retrieve data.Google is bringing Search Console

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They said, ‘we want to explain it to people already. At this time it is too early for the general public to open it, but ultimately it is going to happen. “Google is bringing Search Console

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