Are Facebook Ads Worth It For Your Real Estate Business

Every day millions of people use Facebook.  Now, social media is not about posting your current updates or liking other’s posts; now it’s much more than that. You can reach thousands of people by just advertising on Facebook by using Facebook ads manager.

You might think about what a Facebook ad can do or how it helps to generate good quality leads. Facebook is the best platform to promote your business and to grow your business massively and In Facebook ads Manager provided the best feature which is not available in personal Facebook Account.

Real estate agents use Facebook to connect with prospective Leads/home buyers and to foster business relationships with peers and home buyers expect Quality as they search for a home. Most of the Real Estate realtors/ Agents use his/her personal Facebook for promoting their business because most the buyers think is not a professional account so it’s better to use a Business page that looks more professional and it allows you to market to your followers more efficiently using features not available in your personal profile. One of the best features is Facebook Business Manager is an effective tool for business to manage their Facebook pages, ad accounts, and ad efficiently in one place. This tool provides a 360-degree view of business process and account performance to analyze because of this you can create future frame business and marketing strategies very easily.

Now let’s understand why advertising digitally is benefiting than advertising traditionally -:

A) Traditional advertisement -: In this era, people are moving towards digital and online opportunities to grow their business. People rarely care to read a newspaper then how can you expect that they will be interested to look at your advertisements.

B) Digital advertisement -: Where in digital marketing people care to have a look at daily updates in which your advertisement is also displayed which will help you in getting quality leads, the people who are actually interested to buy or take your service.

Leads are the actually interested prospects who really want to buy your product or take your services. Don’t be confused between Data and Leads. We are experts in getting you quality leads.

How Facebook Manager Ads can help to get your leads?

  •  Facebook gives you your audience.

                    Facebook has all your data and this is one of the reasons why people choose Facebook over other platforms to promote their ad. Data given by Facebook is helpful for us to know our right audience and target them. What you need to do is analyze the data and head to the next step.        

                    You can target your audience on the basis of their interest,  behavior,  gender, age group, location, and even languages. This information is enough to know your targeted audience.

  •  Facebook ads will reach your business to new heights -:

                   Though Facebook ads are cheaper than other platforms, they work wonders mainly for business. Eventually promoting your ads will bring your business to new heights and grow your business.  Haven’t said that this all will happen overnight.  Everything will take time but results will be beneficial.  Running campaigns will help people to know your company and about your customers.  Which will build a great bond between you and your customers?

  •  Build up your business on Social Media -:

                   People have misconnected their thinking about Social media.  Ads through Social Media can bring traffic in large numbers because people are always active on Social media. You will find majority of your audience on Facebook. Now start taking benefits from Social media which will save your time and money. 

  •  Easy to find new leads-:

                 Rather than local customers. You will get new online leads/customers through your ads. Like in the Real estate business you can’t have same customers because people will buy once. Now, this is a great opportunity for businesses like this you can’t reach every person in your city. Once you advertise here you will reach millions of people and leads will be coming to you. You will not beg them, they will be coming to you.   

  • You can customize your Ad -:

                     You can customize your ad according to your budget and timeframe. Ads are categorized on the basis of Campaign’s there are some different types of Campaign that will bring you quality leads -:


  1) Brand Awareness -:  This helps you in the publicity of your company which will directly impact on company Goodwill. People will get to know about you and your company by just running a campaign on Facebook.

2) Reach-: You and your Brand will be reaching millions of people. Quality leads will be generated by targeting your audience.

3) Traffic -: On a website or on a post this will help you to bring traffic from which inquiries will generate. Once you get inquiries it is easy to get leads.

4) Engagement-: Engaging your post is very important.  An increase in likes, shares, and comments will automatically help you in gaining Goodwill in the Market and bringing your customers towards you.

5) Video viewer-: In an industry like Real estate people need to see videos to trust you. That is why you need to promote your video more and more so that people will trust you and will contact you. By advertising through video, the viewer will have a different perspective towards you and your company

6) Lead Generation-: Customers/ Leads are the king of the market. Now, this campaign will help you to have a good quality of leads who are actually your customers. Have you ever thought that just sitting at home and running your Facebook ads will be so profitable? Never an, but this is possible.

           Don’t miss this chance of growing your business through Facebook ads, and also don’t be a fool in this digital era. Contact our experts to know more.

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