Ethos Reality 1

Etho's Realty Case Study

600+ Leads

260+ Site Visits

25+ Converted

Ethos Reality 1

Ethos realty are into buying/selling of open plots developments of lands in Solapur. Ethos is a real estate Company in Solapur, Maharashtra that bespeak the ethos of Solapur. The project of Ethos are the culture and traditions of Solapur that are committed to preserving them and passing them onto the next generations. It is a tribute to the priceless feeling of being of Solapuri at heart. It’s the Solapuri Plot always yearned for.

Problem and Challenges


There are multiple projects within a one-mile radius, some of them ready possession and from reputed builders – which is a higher preference for today’s buyer.


Lack of quality leads They weren’t able to get leads through any forms of marketing may it be traditional or internet marketing. It was hard for them to get the leads


Their awareness among the public was missing Ethos realty being a very big layer in the market did create awareness about what they have for the public, they lacked in branding about what they actually give to people!


Socially inactive Ethos had no existence on any social media platform. That’s the main reason where they actually lacked.


No conversions easily There wasn’t any conversion at ease! They were struggling and due to lack of existence on the internet across the platform they were behind.


Generating user engagement and leads via online medium 


Data Analytics

Our data analytics team was first tasked to understand the buyer profile. Using data from existing inquiries, data about past property registrations in the location

Social Media Marketing

Facebook’s inherent advantage to drive social engagement within a community helped us reach & engage with the right audience and their social circle 

Content Marketing

the content team came up with a strategy to talk about Solapur’s culture and how the Ethos City Plots were a tribute to this cultural legacy.

Growth 5x

With the help of Digital Marketing we increased their closure of their projects


With the help of Digital Marketing we increased their closure of their projects. 260+ site visits conducted in 2 months after our strategy. It increased CPR by 5X.