Top Trends-Digital Marketing in 2020

top trends in Digital Marketing in 2020

Introduction to top trends of digital marketing in 2020

2019 was a storm in terms of growth in the digital space. The number of Internet users has risen to an unprecedented number – from 483 million users in 2018, digital marketing in 2020 -India has now exceeded half a billion Internet users at a rate of 566 million people. This means brands and companies have an entirely new audience for marketing and multiple innovative ways to do so!

With the start of a new decade, marketers around the world will start seeing all of these innovations being used to their full potential. Technology-based marketing boomed when it all started, somewhere between 2005 and 2010. Things exploded. Everyone started using the latest tools and targeting prospects in seconds. Technology became the first word in marketing, modern tools were constantly appearing and everything was moving in full throttle.

However, the effectiveness and impact of content marketing increase significantly. Besides, B2C local companies focus more on improving local search engines to increase visibility in the areas they serve.

Here are some trends for digital marketing in 2020 that we expect to see more attractive:

AI chatbots
Thanks to artificial intelligence (artificial intelligence) and ML (machine learning), chatbots have managed to break out of these conditions, becoming more sophisticated and capable. Nowadays, chat simulation can imitate some aspects of human behaviour and handle complex inquiries such as recommending products. Next year, as chatbots continue to evolve, more brands and companies will implement a chatbot on their Facebook page and website. Some aspects of CRM such as customer service will become more efficient thanks to these new technologies. Thus, chatbots are highly recommended.

Searches without featured clicks and snippets

According to the top digital marketing trends of 2019, first place in Google Search is no longer the forefront. Experts describe optimized results and featured snippets as “click-to-click searches” because these types of results rank higher on all organic search result.

Improved search results will definitely become one of the best trends in digital marketing in 2020. Improved results can include the following types of search results:

-Knowledge Board
– Immediate answers
-Featured Clippings
– Let’s take a look at one other example for zero-click searches.

Meaningful data will take the stage status
data-driven marketers have become abundant with a variety of metrics of digital marketing in 2020 to study and infer. Most of the “data” falls under the vanity gauge category. Conclusions are drawn on “unimportant data”. As the B2B industry develops more and more, there is a clear push towards meaningful metrics. If SEO is marketed, the keywords that drive the most conversions at an acceptable cost-per-acquisition is more important than the number of people who viewed your CPC ad.

Video marketing on social media platforms

Videos are one of the most important ways to attract audiences and reach a larger audience. People prefer watching an interesting video compared to reading an article on the blog or looking at still photos. The cost of marketing a Facebook video is 10x times less than still image marketing.

Influencer marketing will have a rocky 2020

Social media platforms have undergone a few changes this year, which were a little surprising to everyone. In one way, there are platforms like TikTok and Sharechat, which spurred the influencers, and at the other end, Instagram posted an update that removed the similar number. The Advertising Standards Board of India has also announced that it has developed new guidelines and rules in an effort to protect consumer interests, which will include influential marketing within its competence of digital marketing in 2020. In order to reduce forms of misleading information, access influencers, the type of information they provide, and brands associated with influencers may change in 2020.

Voice Search

Comscore (a media company) predicts that by 2020, nearly half of all search queries will be voice searches. Many 44% of 1,000 and 55% of Generation Z use Voice Assistance as their research mode of digital marketing in 2020. 19% of iPhone users ask for at least one thing for Siri. Due to the increasing popularity of usage, marketing companies have started to improve website content and blog article content for Voice Search. This gives them an edge in the era of voice search. Let’s take a look at real-life statistics. 13% of Voice Search users request food with a voice assistant. With smart amplifiers, 13% of people find local businesses while 20% of people add items to their shopping list. You can improve the content of your website services page and blog article content by increasing the use of natural human language and making queries answering your content.

Google PPC will be used intelligently
The Google PPC platform is easier to use and more intuitive than when it started. The ads also got really expensive. This means that it will restrict companies that bid for keywords that have nothing to do with them. Digital marketing in 2020 will see people change their bidding strategies to focus more on who their buyers are and what they’re looking for.
Direct messages

In an effort to gain more personality with clients, brands transfer the conversation to Dubai Municipality. As a way to simplify customer service and sales assistance, direct messaging has become one of the most important trends for digital marketing in 2020.

Refined and interactive emails

Email remains applicable as always – return on investment in email marketing as of February 2019 was 3,200%. However, other experts note that the numbers are slowing or stagnating. Instead of abandoning this fruitful channel, digital marketers are revitalizing it with a new layer of paint.

But nowadays even with the web page based email templates, it’s not enough; you have to go further with amazing photos and UX-centered designs. Considering the above ROI, it is worth making sure that your emails are as attractive and beautiful as possible.

Optimizing featured snippets

One of the reasons why digital marketing trends are changing so quickly is that the platforms that depend on them are changing rapidly. Just look at Google, which updates our search algorithm thousands of times a year …

An example of the direction of digital marketing in 2020: an illustration illustrating various SEO tools.
But as search engines evolve and become more intelligent, marketers need to adjust. More and more search queries appeared excerpts, which have a lot of real estate on the first page and get much more clicks than other search results. That is why it is so important to keep in mind when creating digital marketing content and optimizing every piece of content for premium clips, using clear, well-organized content.

Google tries to improve the delivery of content to humans, so we need to take these changes into account and adjust SEO technologies accordingly.


For marketers in 2020, it is more important than ever to create high-quality content that clearly covers topics yet and is well-organized and easy to understand. We need to write for both people and engines, and make sure we don’t ignore one or the other.

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