Customers who pay more for SEO services report higher satisfaction rates

Customers who pay more for SEO services report higher satisfaction rates

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Based on a recent a study, you are getting 31% less traffic by NOT owning the Featured Snippet position, even if you rank # 1 Ready to increase by 31%? Learn how at FeaturedSnippetTool.com One study found that customers spending above average for SEO services are more likely to be satisfied than those who spend less. The average amount spent on American services for US small businesses is $ 497.16 per month. According to the study, the probability of being “extremely satisfied” was less than 53.3% compared to those spending less than $ 500 / month, compared to those spending more than $ 500 / month. This data is included in a backlink study, which surveyed 1,200 business owners with queries related to the SEO service industry.

Here is a summary of key findings from the study.

SEO Services in 2019

Customers who pay more for SEO services report higher satisfaction rates

When it comes to finding SEO services, most small business owners rely on referrals, Google searches, and online reviews. About 75% of business owners say that the reputation of an SEO provider is “very” or “extremely”, which is important in deciding whether to hire them or not. The service provider’s location is also an important consideration. The biggest requirement of SEO service providers is to help business owners attract new customers, and in return, earn more money. Business owners also expect SEO service providers to help increase brand awareness. Obviously, the majority of SEO are not meeting expectations, because only 30% of business owners will recommend their current service provider. What is worth it, the customers working with the agencies reported being more satisfied than the customers working with freelancers. Due to being dissatisfied with the results, the number one reason customers leave their service provider. There were two reasons for customer service and accountability numbers. As a result of all discontent, SEO has a higher turnover rate. More than half the customers said they had worked with several service providers.SEO services report higher

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