Benefits of Google My Business for Small Businesses

This is Benefits of Google My Business for Small Businesses

Google My Business Benefits for Small Businesses.

As people strongly believe in Google to find answers to their claims, it is becoming a big part of how users search for products and services in their area. You can not even understand that Google My Business (GMB) is a free and easy-to-use tool for businesses and organizations to manage their online presence on Google. If you are a business owner, there are many benefits to using your Google My Business profile to increase your online visibility.

Why your Google My Business profile is important for 2017, Google My Business Optimization tips and more about Google My Business updates, which can help you with the most up to date status on the most recent changes.

What are the benefits of Google My Business for small businesses?

People turn people multiple times a day to find information to make their lives easier. Google has developed a way for business as a main search engine to help you find the things you need: Google My Business. Through search results or maps queries, every day five billion searches are made by Google. This means that a larger audience can see your Google My Business profile. In a period where Google is not just a noun, but a verb, it is universally universal as searching on websites – “Just Google!” – Modifying how your business looks on Google can have a big effect.

Google My Business is cost-effective.

As we have already mentioned, BBM is a free business listing on one of the largest search engines on the Internet, keeping your business close to many potential customers. Like BMB, there are also other major directories online for various industries. However, this list often comes at a price, even if it is a monthly fixed rate or annual rate.

Your GB list gives potential customers easy access to the directions with the hours, phone numbers, websites, and directions buttons – not everything for you. Your free Bombay profile also gives customers insights into your business by giving a review and rating rating along with your busy business. If you are just starting or you have a limited budget, then every dollar will be measured and valuable resources that are free will allow you to point to your sources elsewhere.

Visibility on Google Search and Maps.

The biggest benefit of your profile on Google My Business is that the major real estate surrounding it in search results. In the local “3-Pack” area and in the Google Maps results, BMB Profiles appear. When you do a Google search, the first three lists are generally reserved for Google AdWords ads, otherwise known as “Paid Search”. Next, you’ll see a map (hence the “3-Pack” name) with three local results that are commonly highlighted. Then you will see “organic” results.

Local 3-Pack is used as a list of seven to ten results. Three of the changes have been made to provide better services to mobile users, who are finding results almost to the small screen. Local 3-Pack is located in a valuable and highly visible place on Google’s search results page. The information that appears in your 3-pack about your company or organization is your Google My Business listing.

Your GMP profile may appear in your local 3-pack search terms that are valuable for your business, meaning that you can tap potential revenue as the results of your business are important. Because you do not pay to appear in the local 3-pack, your Google My Business listings are affordable compared to the paid ads appearing on top of search results.

As seen in the above image, ads in local 3-packs are called cost-per-click (CPC) advertising, which means every time a user clicks on an advertisement, the advertiser must pay a fixed amount for that click. According to the business category and competition, some advertisers can spend thousands of dollars per month on search advertising campaigns. However, with a highly optimized GMM profile, your business may not have anything at the top of the search results.

Claim and optimize your Google My Business profile.

GME profile that gives Google a better and up-to-date signal that your profile is relevant to users searching for your product or service, and potentially show your profile in Google Local 3-Pack. You can take a few simple steps to optimize your GB profile.

Before you can optimize your Google My Business profile, you’ll need to claim it. Check out whether you already claimed your business by clicking Start Now by going to Google My Business. You must sign in to the Google Account you use for your business and enter your company’s name in the top field of the map of your country. Confirm that you are authorized to manage the business.

After you claim your listing, you want to make sure your business information is accurate and up-to-date. This means that to ensure that your working hours are accurate, your service category is correct and there are no errors in your payment methods or in other fields.

Once you have your business information, you need to make sure that your company name, address and phone number (also known as NAP) are compatible with all your online profiles, along with Bing, Yelp and other industry-specific sites. Having incompatible information confuses potential customers and negatively affects the ability to increase their grades in searches.

After you make sure that your business details are correct, you will want to add an image that helps potential customers “see” what you do. Use your business’s high-quality image to help your profile. Inside your business, choose your staff members, what your company looks like when you drive, and other photos that can help customers decide on how to choose your business on a competition.

What’s important to your potential customers? Online Reviews If you do not have any reviews, try creating a policy to get reviews from your clients. These support help to distinguish you from other businesses in your industry. The 3-pack shows that your company’s star ranking is at the side of your name and address, that customers will ignore potential critical places when making a purchase decision.

Google My Business [2017 – 2018 Updated].

To maintain the level of changes in Google My Business, you can subscribe to RSS feeds of news and updates, which are part of the Google My Business community. Google My Business has announced two major updates to its platform in 2017. As part of those updates, there are two more ways for companies with current potential customers: by post and messaging.

Google Post

Posting for a business is a potential. Posts are such that companies can promote offers, news, events, product updates and announcements. These updates will be shown on Google Search and Maps to provide businesses in other ways to stay in touch with potential customers.

Google recommends that before posting, you consider what you want to encourage customers to do. Do you want customers to drive to visit your brick and mortar location? Do you want to increase awareness about sales or special? Would you like to announce a new feature, service or product?

While sharing information using Google posts, use high-resolution photos to strengthen your message. The title of your post should only be described in your ads’ four to five words. You can use up to 1500 characters to describe your promotion or update, but try limiting the length to 150-300 characters. Make a call-to-action in your post to motivate a user to take action such as “Post,” “Book Online,” “Learn More,” “Call” or “Visit”.

To get the most out of this new feature, keep the following things in mind:

  • Be sure to attach UTM code to your post, because Google Posts does not integrate well with Google Analytics.
  • You can use 150-300 characters in your post description, even then only the first 100 characters in the “snippet” (or two lines of text) will be displayed, so count each character.
  • Post life is seven days, so post frequently to stay in front of potential customers. This exception is for event type posts, as long as the program remains live until the end. Your post is displayed in the newest and oldest carousel format.
  • Make sure your image is “centrifuge” so that it avoids cutting along.

            At this time, Google Post does not support animated GIFs and videos.

Google My Business’s Messaging.

Google has just launched a messaging feature that lets businesses speak directly to the customers who are searching their profile on the search results page. With this feature, businesses will be able to answer questions quickly and help current and potential customers. To start receiving messages, you need to turn this feature on in your Google My Business dashboard.

Google will not share your phone number to users and give you this message the option to receive and respond to this message via SMS or Google’s own messaging app. When you activate this feature, people who visit your Google My Business profile will see a clickable message icon. On iOS device, the user will go directly to their messaging app to interact with the business. As the business owner, you can hire staff members to answer customer questions. Google also warns users to avoid logging credentials with precautionary information such as credit card, social security information, or messaging features. This feature gives you the option of selecting or closing options if the messaging is not aligned to your business.

Google warns users to avoid sharing login credentials with sensitive information such as credit card, social security information, or messaging features. If Messaging is not aligned to your business, you can leave this featured off. This is Benefits of Google My Business for Small Businesses


Videos are now available to upload videos and client owners. The maximum length of video is 30 seconds, and up to 24 hours before video content is available in video maps or in local search results. The business owners will have the ability to flag inappropriate videos through their dashboard.

How can your business benefit from the video?

– Videos make high commitment

– The opportunity to showcase your business products, customer service within the products of your business.

– Videos can be informative about your services

Video does not have to be a big product but a natural shot of your business environment. These videos should be taken to your business. Google will remove videos that are not related to any business. Business owners should avoid using stock images, stock videos, or “marketing bling video”.

Google Business Video Guidelines include:

– Video Max Duration: 30 seconds

– Video Max file size: 100 MB

– Video Minute Resolution: 720p

Videos are also supported in Google posts, events, offers, products.

The menu is now available for restaurants BBM

Restaurant owners who manage their GMO profile have access to the menu editor which allows owners to create and edit their menu that are displayed on mobile. This new feature now gives business owners the ability to gain full autonomy without the use of third party menu service. Title, description, price of their menu item, breaking into segment volumes, for example, to new menu editor owners. Enables to add and edit appetizers, entrees and sweets. This is Benefits of Google My Business for Small Businesses

BMB Heat Map Insight

Google My Business Heat Map Insight provides more transparency to the business owner through a heat map of places where the searchers ask for directions to their business. This new insight gives the owners the ability to open uptrap geographical regions where owners can potentially increase the demand for their services.

The heat map shows the most popular areas where people ask Google Maps for directions to your address. The map returns the total number of requests broken by city or neighborhood and lets you zoom in and out.

Product post

This new type of Google Post is designed to highlight your products. Business owners can add product photos, product names, minimum and maximum prices or ranges, a description of 100-300 words, and a photo or video to show the best call-to-action button. This is Benefits of Google My Business for Small Businesses

Google Offers Posts

Google recently announced the introduction of offers posts in May 2018. These types of posters enable business owners to offer promotional sales or offers from your business. This is a great opportunity for business owners to take advantage of the free feature which would otherwise be paid like pay-per-click advertisements. Business owners can use offers for any seasonal ads or service offers.

  • Offer post display:
  • Promotion Title
  • Start and End Date and Times
  • Call to action button like “View offer”
  • You can add photos or videos
  • Coupon Code
  • Link
  • Terms and conditions for posting

Offer an example and add an empty post to yourself.

Description of business description and service field

Owners can now add business descriptions for your business. There are 750 characters to describe business owners briefly about your business. This is Benefits of Google My Business for Small Businesses

Service field description

The service feature description is similar to the menu feature but applies to the business offering service. Businesses can manage their services based on categories, and each category has sub-services. Each sub-service category has the following information:

  • Item name (or name of service) – 140 character limit
  • Item description (description of service) – 1000 character limit
  • Item price (optional)

Change search engine results– and that’s why you want your plan.

Claiming your Google My Business profile is the simplest step in your online visibility, which can make or break your company. As a small business, tracking engine algorithms and tracking daily changes in the list may be challenging. If you try to stay at the top of the changes or you hire a firm to enforce your SEO policy, keeping the resources in your constantly adjusted online presence requires today’s increasingly digital and always-changing scenarios. This is Benefits of Google My Business for Small Businesses

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