7 tips for email marketing

Here are some tips and tricks about how email marketing will help you grow your traffic and gain you leads know your audience

email maketing

These are 7 tips for email marketing Many industries still don’t have a proper email marketing strategy in place; e-mail marketing is proven to be a powerful marketing tool for different types of businesses. More than 3 billion people worldwide are likely to use email by 2020

1) Know exactly who are your audience

As it is mandatory to add the recipient’s name in the email box but don’t know who are you exactly sending the mail’s to? You should be crystal clear about what exactly your audience wants to hear from you and as per that you should select your audience. Once you have targeted certain audience imagine that those people are the only leads you have and you have the only chance to pitch them. this is one of the 7 tips for email marketing.

2) Emotional story telling!!!

Yes you read it right, to get more ctr you should tell a story which will emotionally target them and engage them more so that you gain such a audience that will be curios and will be awaiting for your next email. People connect with each other on an emotional level through stories and therefore applying the storytelling aspect to email marketing  and eventually having a genuinely interested lead. this is one of the 7 tips for email marketing.

3) Design your email.

Designing emails re a sort of headaches but never boring. Templates are flooded over the internet s=which can be re-designed and used as per your own creativity which again helps you grown form your intellect. People are more engaged in pictures than the theory reading so email should be in such a way that the person should go “WOW! This is attractive let me go through it” and there you go you have a lead already! this is one of the 7 tips for email marketing.

4) Don’t show that you are selling stuff!

Do not try to up-sell and show that you email consists of advertisement or promotion. A good marketing campaign ads value to the consumers rather than being sales-oriented upfront. Show them that they matter to you and you have sent the email to them just because they are important and they need to know. this is one of the 7 tips for email marketing.

5)  Gain your subscriber list

It’s advisable to grow your in-house subscriber list and get to know your customers and their needs first, the last thing you would want is your mail to be marked as spam .isn’t it? Don’t badger someone who is not responding. Collect as many email addresses you can through attending events, applying contact forms on your websites to gain emails and start emailing them!! this is one of the 7 tips for email marketing.

6)  Get yourself techno savvy

In simple words you should have automation tools that will save your time and send bulk emails at a time. The software dashboard will let you in your campaign data and reports, closely monitoring what are working and what’s not, you will be able to check and optimize your clicks, traffic and ultimate sales. this is one of the 7 tips for email marketing.

7)  The send button should be clicked at the right time

Yes there is a right time for everything and the people whom you are going to target should be active when you will send them email, so know what category they come into and mostly in at the time when they are most likely to check emails that is the time you hit the button and engage them.this is one of the 7 tips for email marketing These are the most useful 7 tips for email marketing.

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