18 New changes on digital platforms


The second half of 2019 started, and we can already see many platforms change drastically since they started at the beginning of the year. the new DM search option in Twitter, renaming WhatsApp and Instagram, to the new Google Image Search feature, and the new Insights Center on LinkedIn, we’ve seen a lot of changes in the last month.18 New changes on digital platforms. Let’s take a look at the full list of updates in August.

1.twitters new drag and re-order the image.

Twitter is Testing the Ability to Drag to Re-Order Attached Tweet Images

Twitter is working on a new option that will allow you to reorder multiple images of attached tweets through a simple drag-and-drop method. The functionality would facilitate the composition of your tweets as you wish, instead of having to load your images in the exact correct order to correlate them with your presentation.

2. Listing pins, Personalized Recommendations The all-new options added on Pinterest

Interest continues to shift away from social media and e-commerce, with the addition of two new product offerings aimed at inducing users to purchase according to their behaviour on the platform.

The first is the new “Picked for You” Pin collection that will appear at the top of your home feed.

Pinterest also adds an updated business section below pins from some companies, which will display expanded brand catalogues based on items that have shown interest

3. Instagram scheduling to creator studio

If you go to the Creator Studio app on Facebook, you may see a notification like this at the top of the dashboard.

  1. If you want to schedule your Instagram posts, you need to have an Instagram business account linked to the Creator Studio dashboard.
  2. Once you have done so, go to this profile and select “Create Publication” at the top right of the screen, which will let you choose whether you want to post to Instagram Feed or IGTV.
  3. In the option to publish your feed, you can upload your photo and add it in the caption, along with emojis, location tags, etc. You can also edit the content of your image within the Creator Studio workflow.
  4. You can add multiple images here, an item that many third-party tools cannot facilitate.

4. Google tests carousel local pack with ads included

Google has been testing a new design for the “local pack,” the local results box in the search results. This new design shows the local results in a scrollable carousel format and now also includes an ad spot at the top.

5. New DM search option among various other tweets

Twitter is currently testing a new option that enables users to search by their own automated messages via message content, similar to the way we search for content on WhatsApp groups. This will be useful when you are looking for something someone has sent you.

6. Watsaap is working on boomerang feature which is soon to be added.

Facebook’s WhatsApp now introduces the popular Instagram Boomerang feature for iOS devices. This feature will be similar and will allow users to copy part of any video that is less than seven seconds long.

However, it was not clear when the feature would be offered to users.

7. Facebook’s re-brand ” Watsapp and Instagram”

Pinterest continues its shift away from social media, to e-commerce. With the addition of two new product offerings aimed at inducing users to purchase based on their behaviour on the platform.

Both apps are known as “WhatsApp from Facebook” and “Instagram from Facebook”.

This step is part of a broader change towards connecting the three apps together, put them under the Facebook logo, according to the information, which first reported the change.

8. New slideshow option on Facebook

In the last attempt to attract more people using Facebook Stories, Facebook introduced a new Stories option, which will enable users to add a slideshow of still images to their story. The new option provides, as you can see, a simplified way to add a stream of images, which will be played through your Story Frames. Of course, you can do this already, by selecting each image one by one for each frame, but the option will be more convenient to work, which may prompt more people to try it

9. Google images are being updated to make it easier for people.

Google has sought to refocus its efforts on eliminating competition from search and discovery from social platforms.

The option will help users better locate similar image matches by providing a direct comparison as well as focusing on shopping convenience. To help make shopping decisions easier, when you select an image for a product, you’ll now see details such as brand, price, availability, and reviews. We’ve also added captions to the relevant images below the photo you selected so you know where you’re going before clicking.

10. LinkedIn Expands Content Curation and Sharing Options in Sales Navigator

LinkedIn continues to add more ways to use its data insights, this time through a new integration between Sales Navigator and its Elevate system.

According to LinkedIn, more than a third of companies use their Elevate platform content via Sales Navigator. To improve this process, and save users switching between the two, Sales Navigator users will now receive Elevate alerts within their Navigator dashboard, where they can also directly impact them.

11. New audience insights through third-party partnerships – LINKED IN

Earlier this year, LinkedIn added the ability of company pages to include certain important hashtags within its page information, further identifying key areas of interest. Now, LinkedIn looks forward to taking these ideas to the next stage by introducing a new element into its API that will enable third-party partners to highlight key topics to focus on optimizing your LinkedIn campaigns.

12. Group Chat option to be removed by Facebook

Facebook has announced that it’s removing the group chat functionality that it launched in October last year, which was designed to facilitate more intimate discussion between group members, separate from post comments.

13. Google My Business Adds Bulk Reviews For Multiple Listings

Google said you can now manage reviews in bulk for multiple lists. Google Books “Businesses can view multiple list reviews at once. With bulk reviews, you’ll be able to view, respond to, and refer to multiple lists for multiple lists from one place.”

14. 3D photos on Android devices – FACEBOOK

Facebook officially announced this week that the 3D imagery option will be available on Android devices and an extended range of iOS smartphones. These photos will add depth to your stills using the dual camera capacity of most modern smartphones, and provide another innovative option for your Facebook posts.

15. No in-app messaging function on Youtube.

YouTube has now announced that it will remove the functionality next month, in order to put more emphasis on public sharing via comments, posts, and YouTube stories.

16. Twitter Launches 6-Second Video Ad Bidding

Twitter is launching a new video ad-option in the form of 6-second video ad bidding, which will see advertisers only charged if and when their video ad is in view for six seconds. Video advertisers will still publish their on-platform video ads as normal, but this new option will enable them to choose to only be charged when their video is viewed for 6 seconds.

17. Google Tests Featured Snippets Anchors & Highlights On Desktop

Google has a feature on mobile, where if a featured snippet leads to an AMP page, Google can take the searcher after they click on the snippet to your AMP page, anchor them down to the section of the content the searcher wants to see and highlight that content in yellow. Well, Google is now testing that on desktop.

18. Facebook Introduces More Page Badges to Encourage Engagement

Facebook has been slowly adding badges into Page interactions, and expanding the signifiers available in order to highlight more prolific and engaged Page fans. Now there are a few more interesting ones to watch out for.

Hence these are the 18 New changes on digital platforms.

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